On September 30th, AT&T updated its iPad-optimized U-verse app with the ability to stream live television. Over 100 channels can be streamed to the iPad app while you are in your U-verse connected home, and a growing list of 20 channels can be streamed while you are away from home. Today, AT&T matched its iPad update by enabling the same functionality for its (separate) iPhone application:

Today AT&T launched more than 100 live channels on the U-verse App for smartphone and tablet, with more than 20 channels available to watch outside the home. The new channels are available to U-verse TV customers as part of their U-family or higher U-verse TV package. AT&T will be adding more live channels and expanding the live channels to more devices on an ongoing basis.

The iPhone app has also gained improved search, ratings, in-app graphics, and a new TV channel guide interface. Besides now being able to stream live TV, the U-verse apps include several helpful features for U-verse TV subscribers. The apps can be used as remote controls for U-verse connected home TV sets, controllers (remotely) for DVR management, and the apps can offer “second-screen” content and information while you watch shows on your TV.

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