iOS gamers are not going to be short of options when it comes to choosing a games controller for their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After earlier dock-based controllers from Logitech and Moga, and Monday’s announcement by SteelSeries of the first Bluetooth controller, Signal has just announced the first full-size Bluetooth controller in the shape of the RP One … 


Signal says the device is aimed at “serious gamers,” being modelled after a full-size Xbox controller and offering a full complement of traditional games controls: two analogue joysticks, two triggers, direction pad and action buttons. It offers a 10-hour battery-life.

$100 seems to be emerging as the standard price for MFi controllers, and the RP One follows the trend. You’ll need to be patient, though: Signal only has prototypes so far, and the company has given no availability date beyond “the first half of the year.”

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