Coinciding with today’s update to Keynote for Mac and iOS, Apple has silently removed the old Keynote Remote application from the App Store. Although a direct link to the application still works, some readers are reporting that they are no longer able to download the app, and it no longer appears in search results.

12" MacBook

It’s no surprise that the app got pulled- it was never refreshed for iOS 7, and never even gained 4″ display support for that matter. This fall, Apple made the application free to all users.

Following today’s update to Keynote for iOS, Apple has included much of the functionality of the old remote app within Keynote itself- also a free application for all users upon the purchase of a new iOS device. While the old Keynote Remote continues to work with the newest version of Keynote for Mac, Apple has warned users (above), that the app is being discontinued.

Below are some screenshots of the new remote features in action. Notably, this is the first time Apple has shipped a remote feature for Keynote that works natively on the iPad. Also new is the ability to control a presentation running off of another iOS device.

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