Ken Burns

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and company have introduced an American history-centric app exclusive to iPad users. The app features a timeline dating back to 1776 and a number of themes with specific information and videos for each period and subject. Overall, the app is very fluid and sleek and worth checking out for iPad users interested in history and culture. 

Ken Burns for iPad is available as a free download for iPad users (with unlockable content via in-app purchase) and features a welcome from the filmmaker himself.

Users can watch clips of Ken Burns documentaries within the app and jump to PBS, Netflix, or iTunes to view or purchase full length films if they are available.

The Innovation playlist is included at no cost as well, and a $9.99 in-app purchase unlocks an additional 3 hours of content in the five other playlists. It also includes exclusive interviews with Ken Burns.


You can download Ken Burns for iPad on the App Store for free and unlock the full app for $9.99. The app requires iOS 7.

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