Moga, the company behind one of the first Made-for-iPhone game controllers, today announced that it will soon unveil its next controller for iOS devices. It also sent over the image above that gives us some clues about what to expect. Unlike the Moga Ace Power controller that we reviewed back in December, the new controller appears to utilize Apple’s non-form fitting controller design which essentially makes it closer to a standard Bluetooth controller. If you compare the design to Moga’s other Bluetooth controllers for mobile devices, it also looks like the middle of the controller might fold out to form a stand for iOS devices. 

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While Moga’s Ace Power controller was one of the better controllers among the few that have been released so far, it did have a few shortcomings, especially at the $99 price point. Last month we highlighted some of the issues with the current crop of Made-for-iPhone/iPod/iPad controllers and some of the limitations imposed by Apple’s program for manufacturers.

Moga plans to officially unveil the controller during GDC next month but didn’t announce any details regarding pricing or availability today.

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