After launching a new ad campaign on Tumblr for the iPhone 5c a few weeks ago, Apple has today attempted to bring the campaign to a more mainstream audience on the Yahoo! homepage. The ads were also run on the New York Times homepage this week, though they seem to have disappeared now.

The new ad features an interactive grid of eight patterns, each of which plays a different video that uses the design of the iPhone 5c and its case to create an animated scene. In one, red circles on a yellow background bounce around like dodgeballs until they form the grid of circles seen on the back of the iPhone 5c case. The iPhone is revealed and a tagline associated with the scene, such as “gotcha” on the dodgeball version, appears with an iPhone 5c logo.

Other scenes in the ad include a white iPhone and black case creating the illusion of camera flashes in the dark with the tagline “Catwalk,” and a yellow iPhone with a black case playing Tetris with shapes made from the circles. That one features what is probably the most poorly-chosen tagline: “Please try again.” Not the most inspiring marketing message.

You can see all eight of the ads on the Yahoo! homepage.

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