Samsung today posted a series of ads for its new Galaxy Pro tablets and with them continues the theme of directly mocking Apple. This time the target is the iPad Air. In one ad called “Multi User” (above), Samsung highlights the ability to have multiple user accounts on the Galaxy Pro tablet, a highly requested feature among iOS users that Samsung notes is still not available on the iPad.

Another ad, titled “Pixel Density” (below) takes on the iPad’s Retina display, claiming that the Galaxy Pro tablet has a better looking display due to a higher pixel density. Samsung’s Tab Pro 10.1 2014 tablet includes a resolution of 2560 x 1600 with a pixel density of 299 compared to the iPad’s 2048 x 1536, 264 ppi display. 

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Samsung has also posted two other ads today (below), one takes on the iPad’s inability to multitask with two apps open at once. The ad highlights Samsung’s Multi Window feature that allows users to use two apps simultaneously in a split screen view. Another ad posted by Samsung today takes a stab at Amazon’s Kindle and its lack of apps.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has been directly going after Apple in its ad campaigns for smartphones and tablets. Taking on the iPhone, iPad and Apple directly in its advertising has been standard for Samsung for a couple of years now since the “who would wait in line for an iPhone?” ads received media attention in 2011.  Apple has certainly taken notice. Earlier this week we got a look at documents released in the latest Samsung vs Apple patent trial that show Apple’s marketing chief was worried by the success of Samsung’s campaigns.

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