Another day, another patent dispute. This time Apple is defending the use of its HTTP live-streaming service against Emblaze, Ltd., Bloomberg reports.

Specifically, the lawyer for Emblaze has accused Apple of pushing its video streaming technology on sports-related services like WatchESPN and MLB At Bat which support live streaming over apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more.

Apple began working on its HTTP live-streaming service, or HLS, “no earlier than 2007,” demanding that services such as “At Bat” use the format to drive sales of iPhones and iPads — and inducing infringement of Emblaze’s patent, Pavane said.

“Apple’s HLS is nothing more than Emblaze’s patented solution under a different name,” he said.

The company says its 2002 patent is being violated by Apple’s HLS technology and that Apple developed its technology years after Emblaze’s patent was filed.

In response to the Emblaze’s accusations, Apple’s lawyer made the case that Apple was being targeted due to its success and that Emblaze is simply “trying to make up for that lack of success in the courtroom,” adding that he intends to prove that none of the services using Apple’s technology violate Emblaze’s patent.

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