A new report compiled by Parker Associates and discovered by Gigaom revealed that the Apple TV has lost some U.S. market share to competitors like the Roku and Chromecast last year, causing it to become only the third most popular device in the category.

According to the report, Google’s Chromecast and the Roku streaming device each sold around 3.8 million units in 2013—though the figure is more impressive in the case of the Chromecast, which was only introduced in the second half of the year. Apple, on the other hand, reportedly moved 2 million devices, putting it just below the others.

The report also covers data for the first quarter of 2014, which indicates that the Roku is beating the Apple TV not only in growth, but also in usage. Chromecast usage, on the other hand, has seen a decrease since the device launched last year.

Eddy Cue noted earlier this year that the device is currently a billion-dollar business for the company and is expected to grow beyond that. Apple only recently decided to take the Apple TV out of the “hobby” category and is rumored to be working on a new version of the device.

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