The Guardian reports that Paul McCartney has released five of his classic albums as iPad apps, offering remastered audio tracks, videos, interviews, photos, and artwork from both albums and singles.

Five of his classic albums – Band on the Run, McCartney, McCartney II, RAM and Wings over America – have been turned into iPad apps by label Concord Music Group, and released through Apple’s App Store.

Surprisingly, despite the additional content, the cost of the apps is lower than buying just the albums alone… 


The apps sell for $7.99 each – significantly cheaper than the cost of the albums in the iTunes music store.

Universal and EMI first started turning albums into iPad apps way back in 2011, believing then that the additional content would enable them to charge higher prices. Despite a few high-profile examples like Lady Gaga and Björk, the idea hasn’t yet taken off – probably because standalone apps are a pretty inconvenient way to listen to music. It’s likely that McCartney believes the app will sell to people who already own the albums.

All five apps are available on iTunes.

(via TNW)

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