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Apple begins shipping iPhone 6 Plus units out of China

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We can confirm via several different people who ordered the device—including some of the 9to5Mac staff—that Apple has begun shipping iPhone 6 Plus units to customers. As expected, looking up these shipments with their UPS tracking numbers (or, in this case, reference number) reveals expected delivery dates of September 19th, the very same day that the phone is expected to start appearing in stores across the US.

This comes following the surfacing of actual working units of Apple’s new flagship in China and Vietnam earlier today, just days short of the device’s official US release date (via Dan Tri). Supposedly, a reporter for the Associated Press spotted the devices and managed to confirm that they are indeed working by giving Messages and Siri a try. The photos are very similar to those we’ve seen of physical mock ups prior to the device actually being announced and it appears that Apple still isn’t having much success in keeping the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus under wraps.

Additionally, the pilot of a Boeing 747 has taken some photos (via MacRumors) of what he claims are as many as 200,000 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices making their way across the Pacific.

Yep, that’s what I do. I fly stuff. Privileged to be a small part of the Apple supply chain. Just landed a 747 full of iPhone 6’s in Anchorage. Another crew will take the airplane on to Chicago. It’ll be on the ground at O’hare about 9am Sept. 15. I gave it a little extra gas coming over the Pacific, just to get them here a little quicker. You’re welcome.

Finally, a couple of people have reported that accessories for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have also begun shipping:


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  1. yeah my leather 6+ case has dispatched too (i’m in the uk)

    no word on my black 6+ 128gb phone though :'(

  2. Arthur Peña - 9 years ago

    Ordered my 6+ 12:15 AM on Friday and haven’t gotten anything yet. Hopefully i get something soon.

    • Courtney Lynn - 9 years ago

      People haven’t gotten anything, they go to and then click track by reference, your shipping reference is your phone number on the bill, and it has it be written like 8005551234

      • Thats a great tip. I just got my tracking info through this method even though my Apple Order Status page still says, ‘Preparing Shipment’.

        Thank You!

      • Jason Storey - 9 years ago

        I still can’t find mine using this method, Apple still shows delivers: 9/19 on mine and preparing for shipping. Im assuming thats true because they charged me already and they wouldnt do that unless they were shipping it.

      • James Brown - 9 years ago

        I do not know how you knew this but it works! Apple store still says (Preparing for Shipment Delivers: 9/19 by Standard Shipping). UPS says delivery by end of day great tip..

    • Charles Simmons - 8 years ago

      Thanks for this tip. Unfortunately I was entering my cell phone number with no success. When I entered my home number, VOILA! Tracking number with itinerary came up. Package left China on Monday and I’m still showing preparing for shipment on my order.

  3. Howie Isaacks - 9 years ago

    Mine still says “preparing for shipment”. My case is already on the way. How nice that I will have an empty iPhone case to play with until the iPhone arrives on Friday.

  4. Gerald Gay - 9 years ago

    yep my iphone 6+ Leather case will be at my apartment tomorrow 9/16/14 and my iphone 6+ 128GB Model will be here on 9/19/14 at 11:59pm per my ups tracking number

  5. h00ch - 9 years ago

    Would be nice if this would be the reason SO MANY verizon customers who ordered through verizon direct are having issues getting any type of information on their 6 + orders no matter what time they ordered.

    • So I’m not the only one!

    • I ordered mine starting at 11:56pm and my order was complete at 12:01am. Yes, they were accepting orders early. Yet my friend that placed an order 30 min later, his has already shipped!

      • Travis Hill - 9 years ago

        Some are shipping out of US and some out of China. When I check mine on UPS using my 10 digit phone number as the reference I find my tracking number. it says a label is created but not yet received by UPS. It is set to ship Next Day Air.

      • jamdungyute - 9 years ago

        mine says “in transit, on time” its coming from PA.

    • haticK (@greg_ferro) - 9 years ago

      I ordered at 3:26 AM EDT and already have a tracking number (6+ 64gb Silver).

    • I ordered mine at 3:05 EDT Friday. Got the confirmation email. So far, no tracking number, but the email says Deliver by 9/19. Whats weird is if I go to the order status page on Verizon, it can’t find it by order number unless I select that I placed the order by phone or going into a store, and giving the location number also in the confirmation email. But I enter my preorder number under I ordered it online, and it can pull it up. For the latter, it says processing, and estimated shipping date not available at this time, the other 2 options it just shows the order number, and a blank tracking number field.

      Also, another weird thing, right after I got my confirmation email that day, it said estimated ship date 10/14 which would have been Sunday. But that changed to the “not available at this time” crap. I tweeted about it many times, but big red is not helping.

      If I don’t get a tracking number by Thursday night, i’m gonna go to a local Apple store, but I doubt they would help me. Maybe a local Verizon store.

  6. I ordered my 6 plus 64gb and received a tracking number from Verizon but when I click on the tracking number ups says there is no information and to try later.

  7. taoprophet420 - 9 years ago

    I wish my phone would ship via FedEx instead of UPS this time. I get FedEx shipments at 9:30 am and UPS around 7 pm.

    Still no shipping information via UPS or FedEx. Ordered 64 GB silver 6 plus through Apple.

  8. Jason Paris (@jparismd) - 9 years ago

    I used the option to pick up at Apple store. My status is: processing. Do they change it to shipping to store or does it just show up as “ready to be picked up”. Just curious as I’ve never chosen that method before.

  9. quagski - 9 years ago

    Ordered two iPhone 6s through Verizon (directly) received receipt of purchase and tracking information. Currently, both phones are being held at my local FedEx facility and are scheduled for “future delivery” on Friday 9/19 by 3PM.

  10. Brad (@bdkuhn) - 9 years ago

    I haven’t gotten a tracking number yet as mine indicates it will ship 10/2-10/13 so I am not sure when I’ll actually get the shipping information. My order does say preparing and I called AT&T today and the person I spoke to said that my date won’t change as some people now are in mid November!

    I think I can wait an extra week and who knows in the next few days I could see a tracking number!

    • Jagtar Singh - 9 years ago

      they usually ship in a week before the estimated delivery. So expect a tracking number really close to september 25 depending on october 2 or october 13 delivery. Also, its week before if its shipping from china and may be couple days before if its shipping from US. (I know all the units are made in China but some preorders are shipped from us cuz they were brought here before preorders began).

  11. Craig (@therealshermy) - 9 years ago

    I preordered a 64gb 6 space gray on Saturday morning. Received an email from Apple that it won’t ship until 10-13 – 10-31. However, if you go to and order one today it says it will ship within 7-10 days. Which one do you think is right?

    Went to order status at it still says October.

  12. Zach Shukur - 9 years ago


  13. clintaustin26 - 9 years ago

    My 6 plus ordered from Apple is still showing “preparing for shipment”, but the 6 I ordered from my dad from Verizon is in New Jersey right now. I would say I finally managed to get it ordered about 2 hours after midnight due to all the website problems and because I ordered mine from Apple first. I’m actually shocked they were both still showing delivery by the 19th considering how late my orders finally went through.

    • Uriah Bojorquez - 9 years ago

      That’s not too bad, actually. I ordered my 6+ at about 12:30 AM on Friday. Didn’t order my gf’s 6 until 2:00 PM on Saturday, and they’re both arriving on Friday 9/19. I was completely shocked that Apple still had some available a day and a half later.

      • clintaustin26 - 9 years ago

        Oh yeah? You ordered them both from Apple? The only reason I ordered my dad’s from Verizon was because the space gray 6 64GB was showing unavailable.

    • clintaustin26 - 9 years ago

      I should add that I didn’t receive a shipping email (or even an order confirmation) from Verizon. I just checked my order status on their website and low and behold it had a tracking number. So if you ordered from Verizon and haven’t received an update, it might be worth checking manually.

      • h00ch - 9 years ago

        Yeah, my problem along with a ton of other people reporting the same issue on VZ’s community forum is that we ordered and were given delivery of 9.19, we get our confirm emails that say the same and then the order status page said delivery would be 10/14 but now, and since Sunday, the order status page says information not available in place of the delivery/ship date. Very frustrating.

      • Kemar W (@toohotz) - 9 years ago

        I would think that should be the case for the 6 plus because I actually received an email from Verizon (probably because I receive a lot of emails from them anyways pertaining to billing information) but I did in fact get the order confirmation and the order status email from them as well which came in Monday to let me know that my VZW 6 64 Silver is patiently awaiting the 9/19 scheduled delivery one state away so it all boils down to what time the FedEx man will show up at my door steps while I’m like this at the window all days (o.o)

      • clintaustin26 - 9 years ago

        That sucks, h00ch. Did you get a 64GB Space Gray 6/6plus? Those seem to be the most popular. I got a 128GB Space Gray plus, and I’m assuming there wasn’t as high a demand on the 128GB models, comparatively. I still haven’t gotten an email but checking my tracking number through Verizon’s website still says FedEx has mine scheduled for delivery on Friday. It’s still in Newark, NJ though.

      • clintaustin26 - 9 years ago

        scratch that actually. Forgot the one I got from Verizon IS the 64GB Space Gray 6. What time did you get yours ordered? I didn’t get the Verizon one ordered until like 2 hours after pre-orders opened.

      • h00ch - 9 years ago

        I ordered the Silver 6 plus 128GB

    • Jagtar Singh - 9 years ago

      I have no idea how this works but I ordered mine on Friday after I woke up around 10-11. I wasn’t 100% sure about my upgrade eligibility but i found out I was qualified. Anyways, ordered on friday around 11 and it says its coming in on 9/19. As of right now, its preparing for shipment but since a lot of units have arrived in the US. I am sure i will get it on time. Also, I live in california, actually about an hour away from apple headquarters so I am hopeful lol

      • Travis Hill - 9 years ago

        i was able to find my tracking number on UPS website by searching by reference number. (your 10 digit phone number without spaces or hyphens) it is slated for Next day air. There is a tracking number but no location info as it has not been scanned in by UPS yet.

    • george264 - 9 years ago

      Oh man, NJ! That’s too close to me, it’s getting me all tingly. I want it! Mine is still across the Atlantic in China.

      • clintaustin26 - 9 years ago

        Haha yeah unfortunately that one’s for my dad and I’m in the BFE in North Dakota. My plus is still showing preparing for shipment on It’s probably in China too. They better get crackin’ if they wanna make it here by Friday.

  14. hchazmania - 9 years ago

    I ordered through ATT only cause Apple’s website was down at 4am my initial shipping date was Nov 14th-28th now it was updated to Oct 14th-21st I’m sure the carriers are giving people the worst case scenario delivery dates.

  15. kingcoopa364 - 9 years ago

    T-Mobile 6+ 128gb Gold Ordered mine in store Friday at like 6:30 PM because as everyone saw the net was as bad as when the live stream was on had to go in to do the Jump witch they sent out emails prioritizing Jump members through the weekend my estimated shipping date was ha was 9/20 then as the days went by went to 9/21 witch makes no sense cause it’s a Sunday then 9/22, 9/23, 9/24 now there is no date at all where it was just says UPS witch I also hate an agree with the other guy my fedex comes at 11 am an UPS 4-7 pm I also worked for UPS no one is looking at those packages to see who is coming first they are just moving as fast as they can knocking down walls also I think a lot of people might end up with stolen phones because trust me there going to be watching for them so that might cause some late shipments I just hope I’m one of the lucky ones an gets it a day early if not on Friday check out my video that I will have on it under my name on YouTube

    • kingcoopa364 - 9 years ago

      Update for me 6:00 PM got a text from T-Mobile saying great news I will be receiving my iphone 6+ on Friday an will recive another text soon with the tracking number yet my status on my account is the same backordered an no shipping date as before I just hope once again I get it Friday

      • lpeets1982 - 9 years ago

        KingCoopa i also received a text message fro tmobile and an email and they still i dont see a tracking. I called tmobile and they told me that i can receive my phone either friday or saturday and i preorder my phone at 6:30 am on 9/12/14 eastern standard time. Did you receive an update on it yet.

      • kingcoopa364 - 9 years ago

        Got a email saying that they are shipping out phone with overnight shipping tonight but 6:46 PM still no tracking number in a email text or when I check my online account

      • lpeets1982 - 9 years ago

        Did you get your phone

      • kingcoopa364 - 9 years ago

        No my UPS comes at like 4:30 it’s 6 still hoping it comes still no tracking

  16. jamdungyute - 9 years ago

    Got my black bumper case and screen protectors… Now just waiting for my 6+ 64gb in space gray.

  17. Jason Storey - 9 years ago

    Still can’t find mine on UPS or FedEx using reference, apple still shows preparing for shipment and delivers 9/19. Other people still not able to find theirs through reference?

  18. Yamile Carpio - 9 years ago

    My Gold 6+ 64gb says processing on the Apple website, but with the UPS My choice Delivery Planner I’ve been able to see the tracking information since Sunday

  19. Suzanne Stone - 9 years ago

    I ordered a Gold 6 plus 16gb and i am not receiving it until 10/14…Apple is so messed up!

  20. Jon Whitcraft - 9 years ago

    Had my order placed on AT& for two iPhone6+ 64gb right at 12 pm PST and att just notified me that shipping won’t occur for 4 to 5 week after this friday. :/

    • sfgiantsgirl28 - 9 years ago

      I ordered my 64 iphone 6+ at like 12:05 on the AT&T website. My delivery date is 10/13-10/22! I’m SO mad! Had I known I would have never per-ordered cause there is NO point in doing so! Has anyone that used AT&T received a tracking number yet?

      • Travis Hill - 9 years ago

        you wont get it for awhile. With AT&T it also tends to be a shipping date not a delivery date. I found this out the hard way with my iPhone 5 purchase. Instead I used apple and will recieve friday.

    • junesjoo - 9 years ago

      Good luck with that. I’ve had that happened two years ago by placing an order on the day it went on pre-sale, and I did not get the phone until 5 weeks later. I remember calling them 20+ times and never being answered the question I want. DON’T make a promise that you can’t commit! THIS YEAR AGAIN, I placed an order at 3am EST right on time through AT&T just because Apple website was down, and I noticed that my shipping window changed to 2-3 weeks from “on 19th.” I asked to abort the order immediately and ordered it through Apple. Now I’m getting my 6 on this Friday.

  21. I ordered the 64GB 6 in silver from Order placed at about 4AM Eastern time on friday the 12th…It took me an hour to get any of the websites to work. I got a confirmation email that still says “Preparing for shipment” but still says Delivery 9/19. Still no tracking #, but I found my order on UPS and it says its still in China.

  22. clintaustin26 - 9 years ago

    aww yiss just got my shipping confirmation. Coming from China delivered by end of day Friday

  23. Jim Smaltz - 9 years ago

    Thanks for the advise – I was lucking and connected on Apple at 12:03 AM and was done ordering my Gold Plus 64G unlocked at 12:05. I have seen a credit card check and Apples shows Order Precessing delivery 9/19. I just checked UPS using my phone number as a reference without spaces or (-). It shows Shipment Billed on 9/16 and Origin Scan – Nashville, TN. Shipment now in Louisville, KY 9/17 3PM with UPS 2 day service and delivery of 9/19 by end of day.


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