New in iOS 8 you have the ability to record time-lapse photography right from the Camera app. Time-lapse photography is a type of photography that happens when the frame rate is lower than what is used to view the sequence. When the photo is played at normal speed, time looks to be faster. However, not everything would make a great time-lapse subject. Good time-lapse subjects include cloudscapes, celestial motion, plants growing, cars driving on a busy intersection and of crowds. In this how-to I will discuss how to make a time-lapse photographs.

When opening up the Camera app, by default it opens up to the Photo menu. Slide all the way to the left to take a time-lapse.

2014-09-05 18.32.06

Press the red button on the bottom of the screen or the volume buttons to record. When doing a time-lapse make sure to either hold the phone really steady, or get a tripod for the phone. I recorded this time-lapse when I lit my Shabbat candles. I recorded them for an hour and in the end resulted in a 26 second video. This was done on the iPhone 4s.

Hopefully this will help you enjoy taking time-lapse photography in iOS 8.

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