If the current design options for the Apple Watch don’t quite satisfy your fashion desires, Swiss watch designer Yvan Arpa may have a pricey solution for you. A Blog to Watch wrote today about Arpa’s plans to offer luxury customization options that some Apple Watch wearers will inevitably need before sporting Apple’s new wearable. The concepts below assume it will be possible to re-case the technology inside the Apple Watch – we’ll find out after it’s released in early 2015 – with one concept holding an estimated value of over $60,000…

Apple hasn’t yet revealed any cost details about the Watch aside from saying prices will start at $350, and that amount is expected to widely range with an 18k gold collection in the lineup.

Regardless of how expensive the Apple Watch Edition amounts too, though, a market for re-casing the Apple Watch with jewels will surely await Arpa’s service. Read more about the luxury watch designer here and check out the re-casing concepts below.

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