New numbers released by analytics firm Chitika have revealed that public adoption of OS X Yosemite has been very similar to that of its predecessor, Mavericks. According to the stats, Mavericks achieved an install base of 12.4% in North America in its first week. Yosemite is performing slightly better, coming in at 12.8% in the same period of time.

The last of the “big cat” releases, OS X Mountain Lion, was only at 5.6% during its first week in public release. That could be due to the fact that it was considered an incremental upgrade over Lion and cost $19.99, whereas the two newer versions (especially Yosemite) were much larger releases and were both available for free to all users.

It’s not clear if the tiny boost in adoption rates was due to the public beta of the operating system released earlier this year, or simply from more people downloading it to see the new design and iOS continuity features. If you haven’t upgraded to OS X Yosemite yet, you can upgrade any compatible Mac for free from the Mac App Store.

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