An internal Apple sales document clarifies the possible uses of the Apple SIM, which is included in cellular versions of the iPad mini 3 and Apple iPad Air 2. The Apple SIM launched with several supported carriers: T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint in the US and EE in the UK.

Given that EE is the only available carrier in the UK, the purpose of its existence in the region was unclear. However, this document confirms that customers travelling between the US and the UK can benefit from the deal.

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If American customers have chosen T-Mobile or Sprint for their domestic coverage, when travelling to the UK they will be able to use Apple SIM to open an account with EE for data without messing about with changing SIM’s. This feature will be unavailable for AT&T users, which locks the Apple SIM to its network upon activation.

This will also work for UK customers travelling to the US. With an Apple SIM, they will be able to start a data plan on T-Mobile by going to Cellular preferences in the Settings app.

Additional Apple SIMs can be purchased from Apple retail stores, if necessary. For Verizon, the document reaffirms that the company is not participating in the Apple SIM program. In addition, the language is interesting. The text refers to EE as the ‘initial participating cellular’ service provider in the UK, suggesting that more may come aboard shortly.

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