T-Mobile CEO John Legere said tonight during a talk at Re/code’s Code/Mobile conference that demand for the iPhone 6 Plus was higher than was originally anticipated, with the larger model grabbing about 45% of orders. He said initial expectations put demand somewhere in the ballpark of 20-25% (Video below)

This unexpected level of demand may have contributed to the supply problems many customers have experienced, and Legere says it will still be a while before iPhone shipments are able to meet demand again.

Legere also said that only about 100,000 people took advantage of the carrier’s ‘test drive’ offer that allowed customers to use an iPhone on T-Mobile for a week completely free of charge. He took a chance to reiterate the points made during his recent Apple SIM tweet storm as well.

Specifically he mentioned how AT&T will lock the card to its own network and Verizon refused to participate ┬áin the program at all . He also had harsh words for carriers that don’t have the iPhone: if your network doesn’t have Apple’s smartphone, you should “crawl on your knees” and “do whatever you have to” to get it, because if you don’t, your carrier “is sh*t.”

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