We may need to wait a while until we get our hands on the Apple Watch, the company still saying only “early 2015,” but that hasn’t stopped third-party companies getting their charging stands ready – and so far, they’re all looking good.

After last month’s ‘$60-80’ Dodocase stand, Rest has announced pre-orders for the $79 Composure Dock. Both products have taken the same approach of supplying a stand with a slot into which you insert the Apple MagSafe charger that will be supplied with the watch … 



The Composure docking station holds the Apple Watch MagSafe charger firmly in place between a stunning walnut top and a heavy steel bottom. Quality is our obsession: every piece is CNC machined in the USA for a precise, glove-like fit and flawless finish.

Both companies have also opted for walnut wood, while Howard Electronics chose anodised aluminium for its cheaper (and not quite as pretty) $29 HEDock.

I must say that my verdict is still out on smartwatches–still tending towards viewing them as a solution in search of a problem–but if I do end up buying one, I can see that finding a beautiful charging stand for it isn’t going to be a problem. Perhaps I should go for Macworld‘s suggestion of trying out a $100 plastic Pebble as a test of whether the smartwatch concept is for me …

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