Popular image editor Pixelmator has been updated today with a whole host of new features, fixes, and improvements. First on the list is something many users (myself included!) have been hoping to see for quite a while now: full support for Apple’s pinch-to-zoom gesture. The update also makes the Shapes, Gradients, and Styles palettes capable of scrolling and being resized.

There are also a ton of smaller improvements in the update, such as fixes for missing scrollbars, control-click functionality, minimizing by double-clicking the title bar, and more. Speed improvements have also been made to allow for more responsive resizing of palettes.

iCloud Drive bug fixes have been applied, memory leaks in some tools have been plugged, and a glitch affecting the coordinates displayed in the info bar has been fixed. Additionally, the app no longer crashes when exporting JPEGs and PNGs, exporting slices, or using several other key features.

You can grab Pixelmator for Mac for $29.99 on the Mac App Store. It also has an iPad counterpart, which is available for $9.99. The full change log for today’s Mac update can be found below.

What’s New in Version 3.3.1

New features

• Pinch to zoom support • Resize and scroll features added to Shapes, Gradients, and Styles palettes.

Fixes and improvements

• The horizontal scrollbar is now properly visible, as is the document’s bottom side. • The Info bar now displays X and Y coordinates properly. • Fixed an issue where Control-clicking the canvas doesn’t bring up the shortcut menu. • Double-clicking the title bar now minimizes the app when “Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize” is selected in System Preferences. • Changing palettes’ size is now way faster and more responsive. • The Zoom Tool’s slider is now more responsive. • Pixelmator folder didn’t always appear on iCloud Drive. We’ve fixed it. • No more memory leaks with Magic Wand and Paint Bucket, which means they work faster now. • Fixed effects’ rope glitches while moving the rope handle. • Clicking the Close All option no longer corrupts the palettes.

Stability and reliability

Fixes related to stability and reliability, including issues that could cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly or hang in these situations:

• When using Pixelmator actions in Automator. Also, we’ve improved the Fit Images action output quality. • When exporting image to JPEG and PNG file formats. • When exporting slices. • When copying or pasting grouped layers with other than an sRGB color profile.

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