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June 2011 - May 2022

Pixelmator is a great photo editor app alternative to Adobe Photoshop for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Available in the App Store, Pixelmator includes advanced image editing features like layers, brushes, effects, filters and more. Use various selection tools to accurately tweak specific regions of a photo or use content-aware fill to automatically remove elements from a scene. Pixelmator is frequently updated to support the latest Apple technologies and platform features and uses iCloud to sync and collaborate on projects across its iOS and macOS apps.

Pixelmator for Mac – $29.99

Pixelmator for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – $4.99

Pixelmator Stories May 19

The popular image editor Pixelmator Pro for Mac has received a major update that introduces a brand-new photo browser, as well as other enhancements such as improved support for PSD and SVG files and better management of photos stored in iCloud.

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Pixelmator Stories April 12

Pixelmator Pro adds color adjustments and effects layers, 200 new vector shapes

Pixelmator Pro is out today with another significant update, this time focused on layers. This includes a redesign of the Layers sidebar to make it easier to manage all your layers in a document. Plus, there’s brand new capabilities with the addition of Colur Adjustments and Effects layers.

Pixelmator Stories January 18

Pixelmator Photo for iOS was launched by the end of last year. Now, a new update brings improvements to how the app behaves with limited Photos library access.

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Pixelmator Stories September 30, 2021

Pixelmator’s ML Super Resolution feature gets even better, runs faster on new iPad mini

Pixelmator announced that its ML Super Resolution feature was just updated to take advantage of a refined algorithm as well as the new A15 Bionic chip.

Pixelmator Stories August 21, 2021

Pixelmator Pro 2.1.3 for macOS revamps PSD support with new engine

Pixelmator Pro was just updated to version 2.1.3 and it brings huge improvements to PSD support as the team behind the app has rewritten the entire engine that handles Adobe Photoshop files from the ground up.

Pixelmator Stories June 29, 2021

Pixelmator Pro adds machine-learning powered cropping tool, redesigned Paint and Type tools

The Pixelmator team today released the latest free update to its image editor for Mac, Pixelmator Pro. The new update includes an ML Crop feature which automatically suggests a refined framing based on the subject in the canvas. There are also a bunch of other changes, including major updates to the Paint brush and Type text tools.

Pixelmator Stories June 14, 2021

In a blog post shared today, the Pixelmator team announced that it’s working on adding Shortcuts support to the Pixelmator Pro app on macOS.

Now that WWDC has finished (much love, again, to the new virtual format!), we just wanted to share one very quick update with you: Pixelmator Pro will absolutely be getting Shortcuts support. And we’ll be doing our best to make sure that support is first-class – second to none.

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Pixelmator Stories May 13, 2021

Ahead of the Pixelmator Pro version 2.1 launch, the Pixelmator team has given another sneak peek of a feature coming to the macOS photo editor: the ML Crop function.

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Pixelmator Stories November 18, 2020

Update, November 18th: You can now download the new Pixelmator Pro update from the App Store, with an updated design for Big Sur and performance optimizations targeting M1 Macs.

The Pixelmator team today announced the next major version of Pixelmator Pro, version 2.0. The update will be available in about a week’s time on Thursday, November 19th.

Pixelmator Pro 2.0 features an overhauled user interface with new layouts for the app’s toolbars and editor sidebars, including a dynamic Effects browser. There’s also drastically expanded customization options for the app’s interface, so you can tweak the chrome just the way you like. This update also brings support for macOS Big Sur and the new M1-powered MacBooks and Mac mini.

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Pixelmator Stories July 16, 2020

Latest Pixelmator Pro update makes it easy to draw text around a path

The Pixelmator team today launches its latest free update, Pixelmator Pro 1.7. The hero feature of this release is the addition of curved text options. It is now super simple to draw text along a curve, or any freeform path.

Pixelmator Stories April 21, 2020

Pixelmator for iOS adopts Files document browser, new image size presets

With today’s update, Pixelmator for iOS is replacing its custom gallery with the system native Files document picker. This means the app can now better integrate with iCloud Drive and other file providers, with a common UI seen across the system.

Pixelmator Stories March 30, 2020

Pixelmator Pro update adds new color picker, drag select, more

The Pixelmator Pro team continues to crank out updates for the popular image editing app. Today, Pixelmator Pro 1.6 is available in the Mac App Store. The update brings a redesigned color picker and a set of smaller enhancements designed to boost productivity.

Pixelmator Stories March 12, 2020

Pixelmator makes great image software for Mac and iOS and a round of major updates are coming to Pixelmator Pro, Pixelmator Photo, and Pixelmator for iOS. The company teased some of the new features that will be arriving soon including a new color picker on Mac, Split View support on iPad, and a new Files-based document browser for iPhone/iPad.

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Pixelmator Stories December 17, 2019

Just before the holidays, the Pixelmator Pro team have pushed out another update with an impressive new image resizing algorithm, powered by a machine learning model.

Pixelmator Pro are calling it ‘ML Super Resolution’. It’s a new scaling mode that can allow you to increase images without the blurriness you come to expect when you make a bitmap image larger than its original size.

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Pixelmator Stories October 10, 2019

The Pixelmator team is today releasing its macOS Catalina update for its premiere image editing suite, Pixelmator Pro. Beyond simple compatibility fixes, version 1.5 includes full support for the Sidecar extended-desktop feature, SF Symbols import, and more.

Pixelmator Pro is also now ready to take advantage of the power of the new Mac Pro and enables new RAW workflows designed with the Pro Display XDR in mind. There’s also a new machine-learning powered denoise adjustment and performance improvements across the board.

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Pixelmator Stories October 1, 2019

Pixelmator Photo has been updated today with support for iPadOS 13, a new refined workflow, and the addition of batch editing tools. You can import photos directly from a camera or external storage, import them into Pixelmator Photo, and apply uniform adjustments to the entire set in one go.

You can get the latest version of Pixelmator Photo in the App Store for $4.99. Naturally, existing owners can upgrade for free to get their hands on the new features. The update is propagating to the App Store at time of posting.

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Pixelmator Stories July 23, 2019

The Pixelmator team today released an update to their premier Mac app, Pixelmator Pro, with a new app extension, new zoom tool, updated crop options, and more refinements.

Impressively, the entire Pixelmator user interface is now available as a Photos editing extension. This means you don’t have to launch a separate app to perform complex edits when browsing your library in Photos. All layers, effects, and adjustments are available in the extension.

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Pixelmator Stories May 14, 2019

Pixelmator Pro adds new feature to automatically match colors of two images

Pixelmator Pro today released version 1.3.4 with two major new features. ML Match Colors lets you drag an image into the Color Adjustments sidebar. Pixelmator Pro analyzes the image, pulls out the dominant colors, and then sets the adjustments such that the image in the canvas adopts the same color palette.

Pixelmator Pro also adds a new Free Transform tools to skew and perspective transform layers in the canvas. The original Pixelmator offered a Transform option, and now the developers have brought the same feature to Pixelmator Pro … and improved on it further.

Pixelmator Stories April 9, 2019

Pixelmator Photo now available for iPad

The Pixelmator team is today launching a new iPad app called Pixelmator Photo, a variant on their existing Pixelmator suite focused on non-destructive editing for photographers.

The app is available in the App Store now for $4.99. It takes the essence of the Pixelmator Pro experience to an interface tuned for the iPad tablet form factor, concentrated on photography.

Pixelmator Stories February 13, 2019

Pixelmator Pro adds support for iPhone photos with Portrait depth masks, plus new comic book effect

Pixelmator Pro 1.3.1 has just been released to the Mac App Store, the app can now import iPhone Portrait photos and automatically extract the depth data as a masking layer. You can then enable the mask in one click to isolate the foreground from the background. There’s also a fun new comic book effect.

Pixelmator Stories February 12, 2019

Pixelmator for iOS now optimized for 2018 iPad Pro resolutions, new Apple Pencil gesture support

Pixelmator for iOS is seeing an update today that adds support for the new iPad Pro display sizes as well as the double-tap gesture for the Apple Pencil. The update also brings a number of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Pixelmator Stories January 22, 2019

Pixelmator Pro update adds clipping masks, streamlined layer adjustments and filtering

The Pixelmator team is pretty relentless when it comes to updates. One month after the last update, there’s another Pixelmator Pro update hitting the Mac App Store now with another round of new features and improvements.

Pixelmator Stories December 6, 2018

Pixelmator Pro has already won Apple’s App of the Year award in the Mac App Store but its constant update schedule never ceases. Today, Pixelmator Pro adds a redesigned Color Balance tool to tint shadows, midtones and highlights. The UI exposes three color wheels, with brightness and saturation sliders flanking each side of the orb. Simply slide to adjust the cast and mood of an image.

Pixelmator Pro 1.2.4 also includes some new resizing modes, like the Lanczos algorithm for higher-quality downsampling and Nearest Neighbor for pixel artwork. As always, these new features are offered as a free update available in the Mac App Store.

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Pixelmator Stories September 6, 2018

Pixelmator Pro today released its latest update to the Mac image editor, with a back-to-school sale price of $29.99 (normally $59.99). The new version includes a myriad of new effects (including some ports from the original Pixelmator that didn’t make the cut first time round), a new machine learning powered Auto Selective Color option, and the ability to copy effects and adjustments from one layer and paste into another.

The new effects include Light Leak and Bokeh. Light Leak lets you add synthetic refractions of light over the top of a photo, like adding the ray of a sunshine or small speckles dotted around the ‘lens’. There is also a bokeh effect for adding ‘soap bubbles’ to portraits.

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