The Tech Block on Thursday shared an email exchange between Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller and the website’s founder Abdel Ibrahim that pokes fun at Google Glass for its perception of being an unstylish device. The emails from 2012 surfaced just days after Google announced that it will be ending its Glass Explorer program on Monday as it works on a new version under the leadership of Tony Faddell.

After being sent a picture of actor Steve Martin wearing obnoxious looking glasses in the film “The Jerk,” mocking Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing Glass, Schiller responds to Ibrahim saying “that is very funny” and that he “can’t believe they think anyone (normal) will ever wear these things. It reminds me of the push to market video goggles a few years back.”

Ibrahim and Schiller also spoke briefly about photography and DSLR cameras, with Schiller claiming that he had just placed an order for the Canon 1D-X. “I have no need of one over the 5D Mk III but I have always had 1D line cameras and love how indestructible they are.” The full email exchange, verified for authenticity by Business Insider, can be found below.

Phil Schiller Google Glass Email

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