Apple has officially added vehicles to the corporate documents describing the company’s activities, at least in Switzerland. The company’s lawyers added the following paragraph, reports Swiss site ApfelBlog.

Vehicles; Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; electronic hardware components for motor vehicles, rail cars and locomotives, ships and aircraft; Anti-theft devices; Theft alarms for vehicles; Bicycles; Golf carts; Wheelchairs; Air pumps; Motorcycles; Aftermarket parts (after-market parts) and accessories for the aforesaid goods.

It’s common to add catch-all terminology to company activities, so nothing should be read into the inclusion of ships and aircraft, though we’re sure there will be a breathless headline somewhere soon about an Apple plane … 


The scale of automotive hires by Apple makes it clear that Apple is serious about the possibility of an Apple car, with Bloomberg recently claiming that the company has an ambitious 2020 date in mind. Nothing concrete is yet known about the specifics of the company’s plans, though we can of course speculate.

Apple’s first move into the automotive market may be use of the Apple Watch as a keyfob for existing cars, an application mentioned by Tim Cook in a recent interview.

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