Starting today, AppleCare will begin providing support service for Beats Music customers as well as businesses interested in accepting Apple Pay, according to sources. Support for the streaming music service previously went through a separate system from Apple’s other products and services. AppleCare staff has also been advised on helping businesses with accepting Apple Pay as the company pushes its new mobile payment service. Support for Beats products has slowly been integrated with Apple’s customer support channel for its products and services since Apple bought Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion last year. Most recently we reported that Apple would begin offering online chat support for Beats hardware. Apple has steadily been moving its outsourced support systems for Beats products in-house, as we previously reported.

As for Apple Pay, the change is part of a new initiative to encourage businesses to accept Apple Pay and expand the locations where the iPhone and Apple Watch owners can use the mobile payment service. AppleCare agents will promote the newly published Apple Pay FAQ document for merchants, while specific Apple Pay Merchant support will also be available.

Integrating Beats Music customer support with AppleCare is just one more step before Apple ships its overhauled music streaming service based on the Beats system later this year.

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