Apple today gave us the full rundown on the Apple Watch, revealing new details including all of the available variants and their prices. The Apple Watch Sport is going to start at $349 (as we already knew), but the mid-tier Apple Watch is going to start at $549, while the top-end Apple Watch Edition will be starting at $10,000 (and go all the way up to $17,000).

There are a total of 38 models listed in the Apple online store, and this is a pretty wide range of options to choose from considering they’re all functionally identical. But the question, knowing the prices and models available, is this: Are you going to get one? And if so, which of the 38 models are you leaning towards?

Today, the battery life of the device was revealed, with Tim Cook saying on stage that the watch will get “all-day battery” or “18 hours on a single charge.” Apple also made it clear that you’ll be able to change out bands as you please. The “Leather Loop” and the “Milanese Loop” among other straps are already available from Apple’s website starting at $49.

The Apple Watch officially launches on April 24th in 9 countries, and preorders start on April 10th. Until then, you can go update your iOS device to iOS 8.2 and check out the companion app. Let us know below which of the 38 Apple Watch variants you’re interested in (or none at all if that’s the case for you), and if you need to look at some pictures, head over to Apple’s website.

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