A couple of months after the 1Password iOS app was updated to support one-time passwords, the Mac app has been given the same feature, allowing the popular password manager to support two-factor authentication.

Version 5.3 of the pricey but powerful app also gains a number of other improvements, including improved credit card filling on a number of sites, among them Hilton, Cineplex, Drafthouse, Amazon, and PayPal. More custom fields have been added, and you can add your own fields in secure notes also … 


Searching for entries with accented characters can be fiddly, so the app no longer requires exact matches for these. Developers AgileBits say they have fixed the date-handling issues experienced by many, apologizing for the problem and promising a blog post soon with more information on what went wrong.

1Password is a $49.99 purchase from the Mac App Store. The update is free to existing users. If you’re not already using a password manager, check out our how-to guide, along with our review of an earlier version of the app.

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