1Password Stories January 30

The popular password manager 1Password got a major update last year with 1Password 8, which added a new home screen and more customization options to the app. This week, AgileBits shared a preview of multiple improvements coming with a 1Password update, especially for iOS users. Read on as we detail what to expect with the 1Password update.

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1Password Stories December 29, 2022

LastPass security attacked by rival company 1Password: ‘Passwords could be cracked for $100’

The LastPass security breach controversy continues. After an independent security analyst described statements made by LastPass as “half-truths and outright lies,” rival password management company 1Password has also weighed in …

1Password Stories December 1, 2022

1Password has received a handy update today that solves the issue of remembering how you signed up for a service. Now the popular password manager will save your login credentials even when it’s through a single sign-on option through Apple, Google, Facebook, and more.

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1Password Stories November 17, 2022

1Password passkeys functionality will launch next year, but to help people understand the benefits and prepare for a world without passwords, the company has put together an interactive demo.

Although the company used for the demo is fictitious, you will create a real passkey which will be saved to your 1Password account …

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1Password Stories October 12, 2022

The awesome credentials management app 1Password has always treated the Apple Watch with care. 1Password lets you selectively sync login information from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. That’s still something iCloud Keychain doesn’t offer. Now the latest version of 1Password 8 includes a totally rebuilt watchOS 8 with a new set of features.

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1Password Stories June 29, 2022

Anyone who has signed in to a website or app knows that it can be a challenge to remember how you originally signed in to that website, app, or service. The popular password manager 1Password is rolling out a new feature to help you keep track of which service you used…

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1Password Stories May 3, 2022

Popular password manager platform 1Password last year announced that it was working on a major update for the Mac version of its app. Today, 1Password 8 is now being rolled out to macOS users with multiple enhancements and new features, including a redesigned interface and improved Watchtower.

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1Password Stories April 30, 2022

Apple @ Work is brought to you by Mosyle, the leader in modern mobile device management (MDM) and security for Apple enterprise and education customers. Over 28,000 organizations leverage Mosyle solutions to automate the deployment,  management and security of millions of Apple devices daily. Request a FREE account today and discover how you can put your Apple fleet on auto-pilot at a price point that is hard to believe.

I am not sure when password management services went from a prosumer concept to enterprise tools, but I am glad it’s happened. For years, IT departments have told users to use complex passwords that aren’t repeated. That advice didn’t come with any solutions to help people properly manage them, though. Today, tools that were previously aimed at consumers now have strong enterprise offerings. For IT departments looking to ensure password security, both 1Password and LastPass have strong solutions.

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1Password Stories April 13, 2022

1Password 8 is now available as a public beta for iPhone and iPad, and it brings a number of major changes to the popular password manager. The update comes after 1Password 8 debuted for the Mac last year, with a controversial transition to a cross-platform electron core.

1Password 8 brings an all-new design, new features and customization options, and much more. Head below for the details.

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1Password Stories October 12, 2021

The password manager gurus at 1Password are launching a new password sharing feature that adds security to a common practice. Password Secure Sharing Tool, or Psst! for short, lets you share specific passwords with a simple link. The recipient of your password doesn’t even need to be a 1Password user.

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1Password Stories September 28, 2021

One of the key features of iOS 15 is iCloud+ and the ability to use Hide My Email function. Now, password-management platform 1Password is launching a similar feature to all of its users.

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1Password Stories September 20, 2021

Popular password manager 1Password is out today with its big iOS 15 update. Coming with the release is full iOS Safari integration that offers the most seamless experience yet. Along with full 1Password access right in Safari, the new features include 2FA autofill, Smart Password generation, the full desktop experience for iPad, and much more.

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1Password Stories August 11, 2021

The popular password manager 1Password is getting a major update in its Mac version. The company behind the app announced on Wednesday 1Password 8 for macOS, which brings a redesigned interface, a new Watchtower, and other new features.

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1Password Stories May 26, 2021

Popular password management software 1Password has received a major update today for its browser experience. Headlining the new release is Touch ID integration, dark mode, and a new experience for saving and editing credentials.

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1Password Stories March 9, 2021

Since the introduction of the first Macs with the M1 chip in November last year, several macOS apps have already been updated with support for the Apple Silicon platform. Today, the popular password manager 1Password received a new version that runs natively on the new M1 Macs.

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1Password Stories November 17, 2020

Popular password manager 1Password was updated today with some great new features for Mac users. The app now offers compatibility with the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature and also better integration with the Safari web browser.

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1Password Stories September 22, 2020

Popular password management app 1Password is out today with a sharp new feature that makes it easy to create virtual credit card numbers for much safer and more convenient online purchases. The new option allows you to quickly create virtual cards in your browser with spending and frequency limits and the cards are saved in 1Password.

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1Password Stories September 17, 2019

1Password Advanced Protection arrives for enterprise users with robust security controls

1Password is out today with an update that brings new security controls to business users. The Advanced Protection features allow IT admins to enforce 2FA, restrict access to specific IP-addresses, view and manage sign-in attempts, and more.

1Password Stories May 28, 2019

1Password is out today with an update to its Mac application. The main focus is the 1Password mini with solid improvements to drag and drop support, complex passwords, and search.

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1Password Stories October 12, 2018

1Password has disabled the auto-submission of passwords in the latest version of its Mac app. The company says that the move has been forced on it by increased security measures in macOS Mojave, but that it agrees with the decision Apple has taken …

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1Password Stories September 17, 2018

1Password now works with Password Autofill on iOS 12

One of the great new enhancements of iOS 12 is Password Autofill. This brings login credentials like usernames, emails, and passwords from password vaults to iOS apps and websites right on the iOS keyboard — and it’s not just limited to Apple’s iCloud Keychain. 1Password 7.2 for iOS 12 brings full support for Password Autofill, promoting the password manager to a first-class citizen on iPhone and iPad.

1Password Stories August 21, 2018

I’ve long been waiting for Apple to incorporate its incredible iCloud Keychain features for third-parties on iOS. At last, with iOS 12 that prayer has finally been answered. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a first-look with 1Password’s implementation, and it works exactly as I’d hope.

More details after the break…

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1Password Stories July 19, 2018

Popular password manager 1Password has today been updated with a handful of new features and capabilities. The update brings the app to version 7.1 and includes features such as rich text support for secure notes, 1Password stickers in Messages, and more.

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1Password Stories July 1, 2018

Password management is something that you often hear a lot about in today’s news. Apple has begun supporting various flavors of password managers through APIs while also offering a fairly decent password manager built right into Safari.

You might be wondering – what is the best place to store your passwords and other information you want to keep secure? There are number of third-party options such as 1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane. As I looked at Apple’s offerings and all of the alternatives, here is how I judged them:

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