Reports regarding an Apple web-based TV service began to circulate in February of this year, with more details emerging last month. A new report from The Street now claims that Apple and Disney are currently in talks over what specific Disney-owned channels will be available on the service. It’s worth noting that Disney CEO Bob Iger is also on Apple’s Board.

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The report claims that Apple does not want to offer all of Disney’s channels on its service in an effort to keep the subscription price down for customers. Disney, however, is pushing Apple to offer the majority of its channels. For reference, Disney is the owner of channels such as ESPN, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney X D, ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC Family.

Apple reportedly views some Disney-owned channels, such as ABC Family, as “essential for the young families” who may subscribe to the service. Disney is insisting that Apple pay full freight for all of its channels, which in turn would make the service more expensive for the user. Apple is reportedly aiming to offer its web TV service at $30-$40 a month.

Apple currently offers Disney Channel and Disney Channel X D apps on the Apple TV, although they both require cable provider authentication.

A report last month claimed that Apple’s web TV service would feature headlining support from ABC, CBS, and Fox, with negotiations between NBC and Apple at a standstill. A separate report stated that Apple is also in talks with Discovery and Viacom regarding its TV service. The service is expected to be announced in June (which is also when the Beats overhaul will debut) and fully launch in September of this year.

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