Following an Apple Watch with gold link bracelet, an exclusive combo that Apple isn’t offering to consumers, surfacing on the wrist of designer Karl Lagerfeld, today Beyonce is flaunting the same model at Coachella, as shown in these images posted to her website. 

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While so far Apple has been quiet about the exclusive Apple Watch models, it appears that the company is giving out a limited run of exclusive strap colors to celebrities and influencers like Beyonce and Lagerfeld. Beyonce has teamed up with Apple in the past on exclusive releases for iTunes and other promotions, and many other musicians and celebrities with ties to the company have also been spotted with the device ahead of its April 24th release. 

In addition to the all gold— we’re assuming 18k like the gold Apple Watch Edition— link bracelet, a collection of Sport bands in dark blue, red, yellow, and various skin and earth tones were spotted at an event hosted by Apple’s Jony Ive and friends during Milan Design Week.

It’s unclear if Apple has plans to offer these bands down the road to all consumers, but it’s definitely an interesting idea to offer these limited edition models to a select crowd of influencers— limited edition models are something many traditional mechanical watch makers offer to increase the collectibility of certain pieces.

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