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Apple is sending out invites to random registered developers, giving them the chance to buy an Apple Watch with guaranteed delivery by the end of the month. Developer get the opportunity to buy a 42 mm Apple Watch Sport with shipment by the 28th of April. Apple is emailing selected developers, who are offered to apply here.

The process is by application only. Developers find out whether they are eligible to actually go through with the purchase on the 23rd of April, this Thursday.

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Apple is sending out emails to applicable accounts informing them of the offer but some developers have been able to register at the link above without receiving an email. The selection process is supposedly random.

Although developers still have to pay for these devices, this chance to buy does give a way for developers to quickly attain test units for their apps. Due to ongoing supply issues, normal purchases will not be fulfilled for many weeks, far beyond the April 28th date guaranteed by this opportunity.

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