As Apple continues its marketing campaign for the Apple Watch along with its release, the company has shared a recent interview with Christy Turlington Burns hosted by fitness lead Jay Blahnik at the Regent Street Apple Store in London.

Turlington Burns ran in the London Marathon on Sunday wearing the Apple Watch. Since her appearance on stage at Apple’s March event for the new device, she’s been highlighting using the Watch to prepare for the marathon with updates of her experience on Apple’s website each week. In turn, she’s been able to promote her non-profit organization Every Mother Counts as Apple gets to show off the Apple Watch fitness and health features.

Christy Turlington Burns Jay Blahnik

Blahnik, who hosts the interview, previously served as a key developer of Nike’s FuelBand system until Apple hired the fitness expert in early 2013 as we first reported. Blahnik has since discussed his role in the Apple Watch’s development in an internal memo with employees earlier this year. Blahnik can also be seen hosting Apple’s tour of the Watch’s fitness testing facility shared last month.

Apple Watch Development

The Apple Watch features a heart rate sensor and a dedicated Workout app. An activity app tracks how many times a wearer stands each day, how many calories have been burned, and how much exercise a wear has had. A companion app for tracking activity is available on the iPhone when paired with an Apple Watch.

iPhone Fitness app

The Blahnik-Turlington Burns interview is available as a free podcast download on iTunes and runs 27 minutes long. The interview was held before Sunday’s race and covers the fashion model’s Every Mother Counts organization in-depth as well as her experience with Apple Watch.


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