Apple’s in-store “magical” Apple Watch displays have brought about a variety of questions since they first appeared back on April 10th. Thanks to new documents from the Brazilian regulatory process, shared by BlogDoiPhone, we now know a bit more about how the Apple Watch display units are set up. The documents and accompanying images show how a special, proprietary band is connected to the Watch that incorporates a built-in Lightning cable and charges the device.

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The strap capable of charging is connected to the 6-pin diagnostic port on the Apple Watch, which we revealed earlier this year has already been used by accessory manufacturers for battery straps. The Lightning cable that runs from Apple’s display strap is connected to the display unit, which is also connected to an iPad mini.

The Apple Watch display unit is connected to an iPad mini, as well. When an app is opened on the Watch, the iPad shows information about that app and what it is capable of. It’s unclear if the Watch is connected to the iPad or to the physical display box itself. On the back of the display box is what appears to be either a Lightning port or USB-C connection. This implies that perhaps the box itself contains a battery that is charged every night and used to power the Watch and iPad for the next day.


This process shows how the Apple Watch is constantly powered on in Apple Stores and able to be continuously used by customers. From the front of the display unit, the Apple Watch looks identical to other models, giving customers a realistic expectation as to what their Watch would look like, should they purchase one.


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