Readdle has just updated Scanner Pro to version 6, making it even easier to use your iPhone or iPad to scan documents. Improved edge-detection means that it continues to automatically align documents within the camera frame, and a Scan Radar feature intelligently analyzes your photo library to find pictures of documents.

This feature lets Scanner Pro to automatically find photos that look like document in your Photo Library. This means that you no longer have to launch the app to scan something – simply open your camera app from a lock screen and take pictures of things you want to scan. Once you launch Scanner Pro, it will automatically notify you about the new scans that it found.

The developers say they analyzed more than half a million documents to build the functionality … 


A batch scanning mode means you can just pass documents in front of your camera and it will automatically scan each in turn with no need to press a button, making it easier to hold the phone in one hand while positioning documents with the other.

The app normally costs $5.99, but is currently available for $2.99 “for a limited time.”

If you prefer a desktop scanner, check out my review of the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100, and my guide to living a paperless life.

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