Following up on its newest TV ad campaign, “If it’s not an iPhone,” Apple has launched a new web page dedicated to explaining what sets its smartphone apart from the competition. The page is titled “Why there’s nothing quite like iPhone,” and breaks down many key features, like iMessages, the camera, and the built-in security features.

Other features touted by the unusually casual page include privacy settings such as app permissions, the 1.5 million apps available on the App Store, Touch ID and the Secure Enclave, Apple Pay security, the Health application, interoperability with the Mac, and built-in accessibility features.

The pitch ends by providing readers with three choices: buy an iPhone now, find out how to switch from Android by jumping over to the switcher page launched earlierĀ this year, or learn more by going to the standard iPhone 6 website.

As you may have noticed, the campaign seems to be focusing heavily on potential Android switchers, which makes sense given Tim Cook’s recent revelation that the iPhone is experiencing the highest switcher rate in its entire history.

You can check out the full “Why there’s nothing quite like iPhone” page on Apple’s website.

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