In the runup to the movie’s release on October 9th, Aaron Sorkin’s “Steve Jobs” film is currently airing a new trailer on TV. The trailer shows Michael Fassbender, who plays Jobs, pedantically setting up product launches interspersed with scenes of him criticizing others and others criticizing him. A big storyline of the film appears to be Steve Jobs relationship with his first daughter, Lisa. Watch the 60 second video below.

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A longer trailer was posted in July, which includes more scenes of a similar ilk. Expectations of the film are high with a star-studded cast: Fassbender as Jobs, Seth Rogan as Wozniak and Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman.

The movie hits cinema theaters on October 9th. However, there are earlier screenings taking place. The film will be shown at the New York Film Festival on October 3rd. 9to5Mac got an early look at Sorkin’s script in April.

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