Apple has released an update to iTunes to accompany today’s iOS 8.4.1 release. Like the iOS update, the new version of iTunes introduces bug fixes related to Apple Music and the Beats 1 streaming radio service.

Mac users will now be able to access the Beats 1 broadcast schedule directly within the iTunes app by clicking on the large Beats 1 banner on the radio page. Users can also see a list of which artists they follow on the Connect social media service, just like on iOS. Artists can also use iTunes to take advantage of the social features previously exclusive to iOS.

Several bugs were also fixed in this update, including an issue that could cause iTunes to forget where you were on a page if you tried going back, and an bug that could result in Apple Music artists being sorted incorrectly in the music library. One final fix ensures that the playlists you see in action menus are actually the ones in your library.

You can download iTunes 12.2.2 through the Updates tab on the Mac App Store.

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