So, you’re Samsung. You want to try to sell some phones. You need to find some potential customers. You draw up lists of potential targets, and right at the bottom, in billionth place, are Apple fans so dedicated that they’ve queued up outside an Apple Store to buy the shiny new iPhone 6s. So where does Samsung go? Yep, to the Apple Store in London’s Regent Street, complete with backpack-mounted banners, reports The Enquirer. And it gets worse … 


The marketing company employed by Samsung appeared to be trying to fool Apple customers into being videod with Samsung slogans. IBTimes reports that blue-jacketed people were handing out blankets, pillows and water bottles to people in the queue, each bearing the Samsung hashtag #NextisNew


Again, if you want to fool people, you wouldn’t think that a bunch of Internet-savvy people with smartphones to hand would make the ideal target.

“They were give to use by Apple,” a person in queue told International Business Times. A friend of his, however, was a little more savvy, quietly informing him: “No man, it was Samsung, I did a little research.”

As marketing ploys go, this one doesn’t seem to have been the smartest play in the book.

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