The iPad Pro quietly gained a new capability in iOS 9.3 beta 2: German developer Stefan Wolfrum tweeted that the device can now update the firmware in devices attached to the Smart Connector. He was offered, and able to complete, a firmware update to his Logitech Create keyboard.

Firmware updates of accessories usually need you to connect them to a Mac, but as the Smart Connector is unique to the iPad Pro, it’s likely this fact that prompted the new capability …


The move also helps support Tim Cook’s contention that, for many people, an iPad Pro could be a complete replacement for a PC.

We haven’t been overly impressed with the Logitech Create keyboard, with some reporting flakey connectivity, so hopefully the firmware update will solve this issue.

The second public beta of iOS 9.3 was released yesterday, adding Night Shift mode, an updated Control Center and more.

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