While most politicians have come down on the side of the FBIBloomberg reports Hillary Clinton is an exception. Not that she’s on Apple’s side: from her remarks, she doesn’t know whose side she’s on, she just wants there to be a solution but has no idea what it should be.


There has got to be some way to protect the privacy of data information. There has got to be some way to avoid breaking data encryption and opening the door to a lot of bad actors. But there has to be some way to follow up on criminal activity and prevent crimes and terrorism […] I am someone who is just feeling like I am in the middle of the worst dilemma ever.

[Clinton] said that there is “real mistrust” between technology companies and govt now that is a “serious problem that has to be somehow worked through […] It’s a problem we’ve got to come up with some way to solve. And I am not expert in any way to tell you how to do it”

So ‘something must be done,’ then.

Less equivocal was NYPD’s head of counter-terrorism John Miller, who yesterday accused Apple of “providing aid to the kidnappers, robbers and murderers,” and Apple’s Craig Federighi, who said that what the FBI wants is a tool “that hackers and criminals could use to wreak havoc on the privacy and personal safety of us all.”

Photo: AP Photo/Stephan Savoia

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