Waze, the popular Google-owned mapping app with a focus on community-based features, is today adding a new feature called “Planned Drives” for iOS users.

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The feature allows users to enter dates and times for upcoming appointments to have the app automatically plan out their route and offer reminders for when to leave. The app will also tap into its real-time traffic data to make sure it updates users on the most up-to-date, current traffic conditions:

Enter the time and date you need to arrive and Waze will recommend the best time to leave. You’ll also receive a reminder closer to your event with an updated departure time based upon real-time road conditions. Just set it and forget it. Planned Drives also makes it easier to manage your time and schedule more flexible to-do’s (like errands or road trips) to avoid traffic… The Waze Planned Drives screen opens and illustrates peak traffic hours along your future route, taking into account expected traffic conditions based on smart algorithms, aggregated traffic history and predictive analysis.

To use the feature, you’ll notice a new “Waze Planned Drives icon” in the bottom left of the “ETA” panel after searching for directions from the app’s main search bar. And the company points out that you can give Waze access to automatically pull in Calendar or Facebook appointments.

In addition to the Planned Drives feature, the latest version of Waze will now show the reason for traffic conditions if known in the Traffic Bar and automatically mute itself for phone calls.

The updated Waze app, version 4.3.0, is available on the App Store now.

What’s New in Version 4.3.0

* New! Arrive on time with ‘Planned drives’. You can now schedule a drive and get a reminder to leave on time based on live traffic conditions. * The Waze Traffic Bar now shows the reason for a jam (if one is known) like an accident or object on the road * Waze now mutes automatically during an incoming or outgoing phone call * Bugs and stability fixes

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