As someone that often carries around a portable battery or two when on-the-go for extended periods of time (because I don’t particularly like the added bulk of using a battery case), this new MagicMount product from Scosche looks very interesting.

A super slim magnetic pad goes on your iPhone, and the battery pack then magnetically attaches to it when needed and connects to your device over a built-in Lightning connector. That gives you the benefits of a battery case by having the portable battery attached to the device, but also allows you to easily remove it once you’ve added enough juice to your device.

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The battery pack includes a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 2.1A output, which should get you around two full charges on your iPhone 6 or 6s.

In the box you’ll get MagicPlates, a small pad with earth magnets that allow the battery pack to connect to your device magnetically. And you’ll also of course get the battery pack itself with the built-in Lightning connector, as well as a micro-USB cable that’s used to charge the battery.

If you happen to use a protective case of sorts on your device, Scosche notes you can mount the magnetic pad underneath the case:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.58.34 PM

The MagicMount PowerBank comes in black, silver, gray, gold, and rose gold options to match the iPhone colors:

You can buy it for $59.99 from the company’s website now.

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