Samsung may think that running ads mocking Apple was the right thing to do, but it appears it isn’t above copying one of Apple’s most successful ad campaigns.

As CNET noticed, Samsung’s latest video ad – showing off the 4K video recording capabilities of its latest devices – is titled ‘Captured on Samsung Galaxy S7.’ Not quite as catchy as ‘Shot on iPhone,’ admittedly, but clearly inspired by the latter …


Both the iPhone 6s and Samsung S7 offer the same choice of 4K video at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps, so there’s no differences in the capabilities.

There is, however, one difference between the two ad campaigns. While the ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads use photos and videos shot by customers, the Samsung video appears to be professionally shot, some of the videos clearly using either helicopters or drones, so perhaps not the most like-for-like comparison.

The most recent ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign is a football-focused one timed to coincide with the UEFA European Football Championship.

You can watch Samsung’s video below.


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