Apple today announced that transcripts are now available to accompany its WWDC 2016 session videos. These transcripts allow developers to read the full content of session videos.

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Not only does the transcript feature allow you to read through sessions, but developers can also perform keyword searches, see all instances where a specific keyword is mentioned in a video, navigate straight to the mentioned keyword, and even share a link to a specific time.

Under the transcript tab for each video, you’ll find that individual phrases are linked to quickly navigate to a specific portion of a video. This is extremely helpful when looking for specific talking points.

While the WWDC 2016 iOS app is a great provision for consuming session videos, the release of transcripts automatically makes the Safari experience for session videos a better experience in my opinion. That said, there was an unofficial WWDC 2016 Mac app that included transcription.

Even if you’re not a developer, you can still enjoy watching these session videos. Simply head over to Apple’s WWDC 2016 Videos page to jump right in.

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