WWDC 2016 Stories July 8, 2016

Apple makes searchable WWDC 2016 video transcripts available

Apple today announced that transcripts are now available to accompany its WWDC 2016 session videos. These transcripts allow developers to read the full content of session videos.

WWDC 2016 Stories June 27, 2016

Handy unofficial Mac app provides transcripts of all the WWDC session videos

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend this year’s WWDC, there were live-streams of all the session videos, and you can still watch these online. But for those who find written transcripts a more efficient way to catch up, or want to be able to search for specific terms, the unofficial WWDC Mac app now provides automatic transcripts of each session.

WWDC 2016 Stories June 21, 2016

30 more iOS 10 features hero

Last week we covered 75 new iOS 10 features, and this week we are showcasing an additional 30 new features to be found on the iOS 10 beta. expand full story

WWDC 2016 Stories June 20, 2016

watchOS 3 Dock

The Dock in watchOS 3 was arguably the biggest new feature to hit the Apple Watch at WWDC 2016. It’s a feature that allows you to find and switch to your most used apps. It takes the best of the Glances model from previous versions of watchOS and merges it with an updated and actionable interface.

The Dock promotes using apps in a way that no such feature on the Apple Watch has until now. In my opinion, it breathes new life into the Apple Watch, providing practical functionality that was missing in previous iterations of watchOS. Have a look at our hands-on dive into the Dock as we explore this exciting new feature. expand full story

WWDC 2016 Stories June 18, 2016

watchOS 3 hands on

Like iOS 10, tvOS 10 and macOS Sierra, watchOS 3 is a major update that pushes Apple’s wearable platform forward. You’ll find that, even in this early beta, the experience is much better than previous versions of watchOS.

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In this week’s top stories: iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, and new features for Apple TV with the upcoming tvOS 10 release, our coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2016 announcements make up the majority of this week’s top stories.

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WWDC 2016 Stories June 15, 2016

iOS 10 Home HomeKit app

HomeKit, Apple’s smart home accessory framework, is gaining some much needed attention in iOS 10 and watchOS 3 thanks to a new built-in Home app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apple previously relied on third-party apps from accessory makers to control the HomeKit experience, using Siri as the only first-party controller, and various apps like the third-party Home app and Hesperus filled in the void.

Apple’s new Home app comes with a modern look, relatively easy-to-use controls, and access to accessories and scenes from anywhere on iOS 10. Check out our hands-on below to see Apple’s Home app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch in action.

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Apple briefly mentioned some accessibility enhancements during its press event this week — watchOS 3 is adding wheelchair specific optimizations to Apple Watch — but iOS 10, macOS Sierra, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3 also have many other improvements to assist users with motor, vision, hearing, and learning impairments. Here’s the rundown…

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WWDC 2016 Stories June 14, 2016

Apple shares full WWDC 2016 keynote on YouTube

After sharing the video on its own website yesterday, Apple this evening has uploaded the full WWDC 2016 keynote to its YouTube channel this evening for your viewing pleasure, as well.

Dude where's my car

Third party solutions like Automatic and various apps on the App Store can already do this, but iOS 10 builds finding where you parked your car right into the operating system. The new Parked Car feature proactively remembers where you left your vehicle and offers new features in Maps for adding more context.

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CarPlay iOS 10

CarPlay is something I’ve been following (and using) since it launched it late 2014. It was better than the status quo in many ways when it launched but had obvious room for improvements. iOS 9.3 made significant improvements to CarPlay by including the full Apple Music experience and upgraded Maps features. When iOS 10 debuts later this fall, CarPlay will get even better thanks to a variety of small improvements that add up to simpler experience.

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Reactions to yesterday’s keynote have, as usual, been mixed – but there has been a distinctly disappointed note to much of it. In particular, those not following the rumors as closely as 9to5Mac readers have expressed frustration at the lack of hardware announcements. One Reddit thread along these lines was at 1550 comments and counting at the time of writing.

Who needs hardware when you get emojis?

RIP Mac Pro

What have we done to anger the apple hardware gods? Do we need to sacrifice an apple II ?

This is really really disappointing. Unbelievable that the rMBP hasn’t been updated in over a year and the prices have stayed the same.

Others weren’t happy about what they saw as the limited focus on Macs in general, one commenting that ‘they spent longer on iMessage than they did on macOS.’ But despite the lack of hardware, and of major surprises in general, my view is that yesterday’s announcements didn’t disappoint …

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iOS 10 2-1

Yesterday Apple released developer betas of iOS 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra with loads of new features, but you may want to hold off until the official release in the fall or at least the public beta release in July as the first few builds also include loads of bugs. Decreases in speed, much worse battery life, and frequent app crashing is typical on early betas. In the meantime, you can still copy the iOS 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra look by using the new ocean wave and mountain scene wallpapers.

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WWDC 2016 Stories June 13, 2016

Apple Design Awards 2016

Apple has just wrapped up its exciting WWDC 2016 keynote announcing macOS Sierra, iOS 10, watchOS 3, and the latest installment of tvOS. The event was mostly focused on what Apple would be releasing at the end of this year, but Apple also likes to put the attention back on the amazing developers in the community. Every year Apple celebrates developers and the work they’ve accomplished across the various software platforms at its Apple Design Awards. This year’s 2016 Apple Design Awards showcased apps for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS. The award ceremony made sure to highlight apps that were localized in multiple languages, and had been built with accessibility in mind.

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Apple removes Game Center app from homescreen with iOS 10 beta 1

After years of considering removing Game Center from iOS, it appears Apple has decided to officially pull it as evidenced with today’s first iOS 10 beta. As this is a first beta, there is a possibility we could see the application’s return before this fall when iOS 10 is officially released to the public.

As stock apps have hit the App Store, and users can now delete most of them on iOS 10, it’s entirely possible Apple falls back to allowing Game Center as an App Store download. Personally, it will be nice to have one less app I no longer use on my home screen.

iOS 10 2-1

Developer previews of iOS 10 are live now and we’re starting to go hands-on with the next big release. Below we’re collecting tidbits of changes that we’re discovering in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad.

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After today’s jam-packed event, Apple has published the full keynote video from this year’s WWDC. Apple has also released the promo videos used during the keynote showing off iOS 10’s newest features and a video dedicated to developers. On the same page with the full keynote page, Apple lists the preview pages showcasing what we’ll be seeing in the official software releases later this fall.

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Every year Apple pulls out ten or so tent pole iOS features to demo on stage at WWDC, but major updates include way more features than we can see in one keynote. These apply to both customer features and developer tools. Below we’ve collected all of the iOS 10 features Apple didn’t have time to demo at WWDC 2016.

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Apple today updates its press pages with more social ‘Apple Newsroom’

Apple has always provided a dedicated press page for journalists where you could get the latest press releases and .TIF images for our reports. However with journalism changing to a more social endeavor, Apple today launched Apple Newsroom which is a much more Social and blogger friendly format for sharing news articles. Each newsroom post has a link shortener, Twitter, Facebook and direct email links and many more inline media and images than the previous Press pages.

Newsroom ‘stories’ are more like Apple’s own published work and less like a service for journalists. We of course will be linking to Newsroom whenever we can.


iOS 10 got its first public revealing today but it won’t be available to customers until later this year. Developer betas are coming today, and public betas for non-developers will follow in July.

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At WWDC today Apple has announced changes to Apple Music. Eddy Cue first noted that Apple Music has 15 million paying subscribers, which is the most of any streaming service during the first year. As expected, Apple has entirely redesigned the Music app interface with a new design.

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Apple has officially announced iOS 10 at WWDC 2016. Craig Federighi started the announcement by sharing that iOS 10 features ten new tent pole features.

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Apple Pay Mac

Through macOS Sierra, Apple Pay is coming to the Mac over the web using the iPhone or Apple Watch to authenticate purchases.

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At WWDC today Apple has also announced a variety of new features coming to tvOS this year. The update comes on the heels of tvOS 9.2.2, which is currently in beta for developers. New features include Single Sign-On, Live Tune In, and more.

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