With Pokemon Go encouraging millions of users to walk around and catch Pokémon throughout the day, its popularity has also caused disruption to public venues and businesses. Several museums have already had to send out announcements banning the use of the game out of respect. We received an amusing tip from a reader that a major aerospace company in the US has also blacklisted the game on its work phones.

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In a communication to employees, the large aerospace company said that it had found over 100 devices had installed the game on work phones and one employee came close to hurting themselves due to being distracted by Pokemon gameplay.

As a result, the large firm has had to setup a software blacklist for the application, which bans carrier bloatware apps …. and now Pokémon Go.

Due to the popularity of Pokémon Go and users not being able to make the conscious decision to not play Pokémon at work – we had a near miss for a user getting hurt while playing the game. Due to that, we had to react and disable the Pokémon app from all devices – we had over 100 active installs of that application. The blacklist removes all that we consider to be carrier bloatware and now also the Pokémon Go app.

It’s kind of crazy that Pokemon Go has become such a phenomenon it is now having to be banned by companies and businesses. Regardless of where you play, ensure to stay alert of your surroundings at all time.

A cafe refuses entry to pole who just want to catch a Pikachu.

A cafe refuses entry to people who just want to catch a Pikachu.

Pokemon Go launched in the United States last week, attracting millions of downloads. Broader rollout of the game had to be delayed due to server load. The developer is slowly rolling out the game to new regions, including the UK this morning.  The game is a free download in the App Store, with In-App Purchases that help players complete their Pokédex more quickly.

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