Latest alleged iPhone 7 spy shot shows 7, Plus, and ‘Pro’ models

Update: Another image allegedly showing the back of the iPhone 7 with Pro model with smart connector and dual-camera is below (via NWE).

In the latest round of alleged leaked shots spotted on Weibo (via iPhoneabonnementen), a three model lineup is shown consisting of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 ‘Pro’…

While the legitimacy of the leak is yet to be verified, there have been previous reports indicating that Apple could similarly introduce a third “Pro” model to the lineup in addition to the usual 4.7-inch model and larger 5.5-inch ‘Plus’ variant.

One report late last month out of China claimed iPhone 7/Plus/Pro lines were being planned with 64/128/256G capacity options. While an earlier alleged pricing leak also detailed a ‘Pro’ line alongside the expected 7 and 7 Plus models.

The uploader also included a shot of the back of one of the devices that shows “S” branding (below). The next iPhone isn’t expected to be an “S” year iPhone, as Apple typically introduces those minor updates every other year. However, we recently discussed how Apple might change branding for the next iPhone following reports that it’s planning a move to a three year refresh cycle for major updates and more of a minor upgrade this year.

As for differentiators between the models, an image of the back of the devices shows an iPad-like Smart Connector and dual-camera system, both previously rumored for iPhone 7, only present on the Pro model.

Spy shots allegedly showing leaked components of next-generation iPhones have steadily increased in recent weeks as we get closer to the device’s expected fall release. Those include what are most likely clones out of China based on leaked designs for the next-gen iPhone that usually end up in the hands of accessory makers and others within the supply chain in the country. After a number of photos, schematics, and renders claiming to show various components of the iPhone 7, late last week one of the first videos surfaced and was quickly followed by another over the weekend.

A new dual-camera system, which based on previous leaks requires a larger camera opening on the back of the device, is expected to arrive on only the larger models 5.5-inch next-gen iPhone models. Repositioned antenna lines are also pictured in the majority of leaks, as is the rumored and somewhat controversial removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

It’s unclear, however, what exactly would be the selling point for a ‘Pro’ model if Apple does indeed have plans to introduce a third, more expensive line to the iPhone range.

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