In a move that seems tailor-made for parents who want to ensure their kids are driving safely when they borrow the car, the latest car adapter from Automatic logs driving style even when you’re not in the car. Data is transmitted via a built-in 3G connection, with no data plan or subscription required …


Automatic says that the free data deal runs for five years, so all you pay is the $129.95 cost of the adapter itself, reports Engadget.

Getting the company’s adapters on a cellular network without charging customers a subscription has been part of Automatic’s plan since day one. “People don’t want another subscription,” he said. “We knew we always wanted to go cellular because of all the benefits of cellular. Now it’s an exciting time because we’re finally able to do that.”

The latest app also offers customizable notifications, and deeper integration with IFTTT.

3G data is only supported by the new Automatic Pro model, works only in the U.S. and needs a compatible port, available on most cars made since 1996. We reviewed the original version of Automatic back in 2013. This is still available for just $79.99 if you’re happy with a unit that requires an iPhone in the car.

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