We’ve been tracking interest in the iPhone 7 for some time now, through a series of reader polls. One day before the launch, we thought it would be a good time to provide a round-up of the results of previous polls, and to carry out one final one.

Way back in January, we asked whether you wanted a thinner iPhone at the expense of the 3.5mm headphone jack. The largest group – just under 40% of you – said that you were happy to use Lightning or Bluetooth headphones. The loss of the headphone socket now looks like a done deal, of course, but without a slimmer form factor.

Also the same month, we asked which of the rumored iPhone 7 features excited you most …


Many of those rumored features since turned out to be destined for the iPhone 8 or beyond, but the winner – more waterproof and dustproof – does seem to be on the cards this year. Waterproofing also topped the list (well, after ‘none of the above’) in another poll in May.

In March, we asked how much difference the redesigned antenna lines made to the look of the phone. The majority of you, at a little over 50%, said that it made the phone look better or much better. We also asked about purchase intentions then, with the majority – some 40% – saying that you would hold out for a new design.

In April, we asked whether Apple should introduce new color options – something which we’re again now expecting – and almost 60% of you said yes.

Apple’s plans for bundled headphones was the question we posed in May, when a clear majority expected Lightning EarPods, followed by a possibly more optimistic 30% who expected wireless AirPods in the box.

In June, with conflicting reports of what Apple might call this year’s iPhone – given the relatively minor refresh to the visual design – the overwhelming majority still thought that iPhone 7 was the name of choice. June also saw the first suggestion of a Space Black iPhone 7, and some 52% of you found that a tempting reason to upgrade.

A representative poll of U.S. iPhone owners in July found that only 9% were planning to upgrade this year. You’d expect that number to be significantly higher for 9to5Mac readers, of course, and it was: 31% planning to upgrade.

Finally, we this month asked intending purchasers which of the rumored colors they planned to buy. This was an incredibly clear result, with a full 83% opting for Space Black.

The latest information we have from KGI is a 2.4GHz A10 chip, IPX7 waterproofing and a new piano black color (glossy) in addition to a non-gloss black. A claimed Geekbench result suggested a 35% performance gain over the iPhone 6s, with somewhat sketchier suggestions of 4K video recording at 60fps and even Apple Pencil support.

So, based on everything we’re now expecting, let’s run one final poll and see who expects to upgrade. As always, please share your reasons in the comments.

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