In a new move by Apple, they’ve gone ahead and published a 107-second recap video from today’s big event to YouTube. Apple’s appropriately titled ‘Don’t Blink’ recap video is tightly packed with content from the event, and something you don’t want to miss. Apple has also published the introduction videos of its latest products from its September event. The videos each show off Apple’s three big new products: the new iPhone 7, the Apple Watch Series 2, and the all new Apple AirPods. The videos provide a good introduction into the products that customers will begin to see hit shelves later this year, and everything else they should expect.

The ‘Don’t Blink’ video is an intense walkthrough all we saw during today’s big event, without leaving any room to miss something important. The ‘Introducing iPhone 7’, goes into showing off the new Jet Black and Black finishes the iPhone comes in. Comically named considering past darker color names, the Jet Black finish is a reflective design that hides the device’s antenna lines to create a seamless look. The video also goes into showing off the iPhone’s new camera with larger aperture, six-element lens, and better low light photography. Showing someone tap away on the iPhone while standing under the rain, the narrator goes on to explain how the new iPhone is now the first water resistant iPhone.

Possibly the most interesting to consumers will be the introduction of Apple’s new product, the AirPods. Jony Ive’s voice soothly narrates over the video explaining that Apple is pushing towards a wireless feature where devices can intuitively communicate with one another. Explaining that it was possible thanks to the new W1 chip inside the device, Ive also shows off the other well designed hardware features that will help the AirPods stand above the competition.

Apple’s Watch Series 2 video puts a strong focus on the new watch’s refined fitness-focused functionality. Showing users using the devices while swimming and in the rain, Apple’s Series 2 introduction video makes the Apple Watch look more and more like an everyday and everywhere device.





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