The Apple event starts in a couple of hours at 10 AM PT. We are expecting to watch Apple CEO Tim Cook and the rest of the executive crew launch the new iPhone 7, second-generation Apple Watch and maybe some other surprises. Naturally, we’ll be bringing live coverage on 9to5Mac of all the announcements … Here’s how to follow along at home with the live video stream.

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Watching on iPhone, iPad or Mac?

As an Apple device user, it’s very simple. Just visit in Safari and the live stream will kick off just before 10 AM PT. You may have to refresh for the video to appear. You can use features like Picture-in-Picture on iOS to stream the keynote whilst also following along on Twitter.

Apple sometimes accompanies the video with its own mini-live blog (maybe it will start using its company Twitter account too).

Watching on Apple TV?

Apple TV doesn’t have a browser, but of course Apple lets you watch its announcements from its own home media product. If you have the latest generation Apple TV 4 with Siri Remote, then visit the tvOS App Store and download the Apple Events app. It contains video of every Apple keynote and will let you livestream today’s iPhone 7 event too … It even shows the schedule in your local timezone. If you are an older Apple TV, the Apple Events channel is a permanent resident on your home screen.

Watching on Windows, Android or somewhere else?

If you are watching on a non-Apple platform, things are a bit more complicated. If you have a Windows 10 computer with the Microsoft Edge browser, Apple actually supports streaming from If you are using something else, then your best option is to use VLC. Follow these steps.

  • Download the free VLC video player. You can download VLC for Windows here. And for Android here.
  • Launch VLC once installed.
  • On Windows: Navigate to the Media tab and select Open Network Stream.
  • On Android: Hit the hamburger menu and the “Stream” option.
  • In the URL field, insert the following URL. (This is the video stream the Apple TV uses to show the keynote.)

  • Press Play to start the live stream. The video might appear broken until Apple actually starts the event (10 AM PST), but it will begin when the official stream goes live on Apple TV.

Whatever your platform or device, enjoy the Apple event! We’ll have full coverage of the iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 and any other surprises right here on 9to5Mac.

Thanks to Alisamix for the VLC link!

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