Conan has poked fun at Apple’s new AirPods, with an amusing sketch inspired by the company’s famous iPod ad campaigns. The sketch shows the headphones repeatedly falling out of people’s ears as they dance, occasioning frequent trips to the Apple Store to buy replacements …


How big an issue it will prove to be in practice is not yet clear. Tim Cook sought to reassure, saying that he had been using them for a while and had never personally had them fall out. While you’d expect him to say this, early reviewers have also reported¬†that they are much more secure than EarPods despite a near-identical design.

AirPods don’t go on sale until late October, so it will be some time before we get real-life reports from significant numbers of users.

AirPods contain a W1 chip that facilitates instant pairing with automatic propagation across all your Apple devices via iCloud. They are available only in white.

We yesterday showed you a concept image for Jet Black AirPods, asking which color you preferred. A huge 77% of you voted for black, almost 40% of you reporting that this would nudge you over the edge into a purchase.

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