Last night ABC teased out an interview with Tim Cook that aired today on Good Morning America, and now ABC News has published the interview with the Apple CEO online.

The interview is mostly promotional to discuss the new iPhone 7 and wireless AirPods. Cook talks about the removal of the headphone jack and the future of wireless as well as the fear people have of losing AirPods as we saw last night.

He highlights the new speakers, performance, cameras, and battery life as what makes the new iPhones better. As for the headphone jack, Cook points to the larger battery and stereo speakers as being possible because the headphone jack is gone (although the bottom left holes aren’t speakers, the second speaker is the top earpiece). There’s also a nice AirPods demo dance for anyone concerned with losing them.

The segment that aired this morning also acknowledges the problems users had when updating to iOS 10. iPhones and iPads updating over-the-air were bricking and required connecting to iTunes on a Mac or PC to fix. The issue was fortunately corrected early on without Apple having to delay the update.

Cook also riffed on AR and VR during the interview, noting that he favors augmented reality over virtual reality because it allows you to interact with the real world and not leave reality:

“Virtual reality sort of encloses and immerses the person into an experience that can be really cool, but probably has a lower commercial interest over time,” Cook said. “Less people will be interested in that.”

“There’s some really cool areas there for education and gaming that we have a lot of interest in,” Cook said of VR.

Check out the interview below:

The new iPhone 7 models go on sale starting Friday while the wireless AirPods won’t be available until later next month.

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